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Meet Rev
Wendy Hamilton

Speaker. Advocate. #HOPEDEALER

Reverend Wendy "Hope Dealer" Hamilton (she/her) is a speaker, minister, mother, and passionate social justice advocate. In 2022, she ran to represent DC in Congress to ensure every resident had a voice at the table. The campaign championed fresh, progressive ideas, including DC Statehood, Universal Basic Income, Universal Healthcare- and 48 other tangible policies.


DC has been Rev. Wendy's home for more than 30 years. She arrived in the fall of 1986 to attend Howard University and, like so many DC residents, fell in love with the city and decided to stay. Rev. Wendy knows firsthand how hard it is to make ends meet and raise a family here when you’re a homeless single mother on food stamps. She also knows what it’s like to see families grow and thrive here because her daughter welcomed her first grandson to DC last year. 


Rev. Wendy has an extensive professional background in education, communications, and ministry. She has worked in DC Public Schools, on Capitol Hill, the Executive Office of organizations like the NAACP, and as a community, leader mentoring people across the city - from Georgetown freshmen as an on-campus chaplain to the LGBT community as the former Pastor of Open Door Metropolitan Community Church.


Most recently, Rev. Wendy served as the Director of Spiritual and Cultural Outreach with Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential campaign and was honored to accept Andrew’s endorsement, along with Marianne Williamson, organizations like the Forward Party, and receive public support from dozens of DC leaders during her campaign.


Vote on November 8 for Wendy "Hope Dealer" Hamilton for ANC Commissioner 8D06

About - ANC

Why I'm Running

For ANC Commissioner 8D06

Collaborative cooperation to reduce crime and reduce recidivism.

Improved agency responsiveness to community concerns.

Increased traffic calming measures
along South Capitol Street. 

Economic empowerment through partnerships, workshops, & entrepreneurial endeavors.

Neighborhood beautification and upkeep
of green

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To empower, advocate for, and serve all
2,000+ residents of ANC 8D06.

Why I'm running
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Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)

An ANC is a non-partisan neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. There are 40 ANCs and each one is subdivided into several smaller areas called Single Member Districts (SMDs).

The ANC Commissioner's primary purpose is to be the neighborhood's voice in advising the District government on issues related to zoning, education, sanitation, traffic, budget, health services, and much more.


Wendy "Hope Dealer" Hamilton is running to represent ANC 8D06, which consists of 2,000+ residents. As a resident of Bellevue and a longtime community advocate, Wendy is prepared to serve the needs of all 8D06 residents and advocate for a better community.  

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